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Description of Traditional Chinese wedding (excerpts)

The wedding ceremony was supposed to begin when it was started to Dusk. First, the entire family, Aisin Gioro, well dressed,  waited before the entrance to Shaoyao's future apartment. Judge Zhang and his father Grandfather Ba, and Chen stood in front of the door to  ,,protect "his Relative". They were waiting soon, as there were suddenly huge noises. It turned out that this fiance Younker Wang, along with his friends and four Tragiers, came  "kidnap "bride. The tragers have already even "the bridal sedan chair ", which was a very ornamental palankin. And as in the costumes of the young states, the color was dominated by red.


The Palankin consisted of a closed booth, to which the bride was placed, seated on two large longitudinal treks. Two windows on the sides obscure the red curtains, the walls were decorated with openwork and golden elements, which depicted Dragons, Phoenixes, Peonies, as well as signs of happiness.


The future groom also dressed in a festive wedding outfit. Its main element turned out to be red Changshan, the male counterpart of Qipao. The red color, like in Shaoyao's outfit, was supposed to symbolize happiness and prosperity. An additional element of the outfit was a black silk coat with sewn dragons and symbols of happiness. On his head he founded a traditional red silk hat with blue ornaments, fringes and "rectangular wings ", which grew from his side. And also, like Shaoyao, to his outfit he picked Red footwear.


In the company of several peers he wanted to cross the threshold of the apartment. However, to enter according to the old manners, he had a coping door to donate money. Young Younker Wang was prepared for it and after a while he could now freely enter the inside. Unfortunately, a small accident occurred. Well, to buy "Chen, for the urge of his sister cousin Guihua wanted to give him something sweet, but the boy burst into tears and refused to pass Younker Wang  to his sister. He did not want to take the gift and eat more for any treasure, and he was more cuddle at the door, so that nobody could pass. (...)


Chen's somewhat humored finally agreed to pass the Younker Wang, but for the next part of the day he did not intend to drain him from his eyes. Meanwhile, Shaoyao slowly, pretending to be a pain, approached the ornamental palantheater. Mrs Wang, seeing her sacrifice, gently supported her. The tragers at the request of the groom put the same vehicle on the ground, so that Shaoyao did not have to lift the legs. Suddenly, the girl befell, hesitated, and quietly creped. In fact, it was a tradition that the bride, who is to marry immediately, showed attachment to his family, which he would leave when he was married. However, not only has the tradition influenced its behavior. The grief that was visible on her face was as authentic as possible. Auntie and mother quietly uroniły tears. Yualan and Haitang took their hands and watched the ceremony with concern too. Chen, however, approached the grandfather who had a hug. The father looked like he wondered about something, then walked up to the Palantheater and closed the door with the key received at yesterday's feast from the young Younker Wang. The key was then given to Mr. Young. Then the tragers gently lifted the vehicle and began to move towards the western part of the mansion. On the other hand, Younker Wang's friends had colored banners, lit lanterned and plates, on which the names of Shaoyao and Wang were written out. After twenty minutes of reaching the place, the groom gently knocked the fan in the door, then opened it, and then he knucked the whole wedding eagle in gratitude.


Everyone, in addition to Shaoyao, was invited to a gala dinner. The girl had to spend the rest of the time in the bedroom awaiting her fiancé. Guests went to the largest living room, where the hosts were already waiting for them, as well as others invited. To celebrate the event worthfully, and to ensure the happiness of the young couple, served among other dozen types of fruits. There were also chestnuts and peanuts that were supposed to provide the future baby with the strength of the newlyweds. The Figs was tasked with as soon as possible to bring the awaited offspring, and the Lotus seeds guarantee that the firstborn only for a short period will be the only one. Sichuan's cooks have shown mastery and also prepared, among other things, after-sliced fried beef spicy with ginger, onion and peppers, a young duck adorned with leaves of tea, chicken in a traditional spicy sauce also Prepared with paprika, as well as a second chicken, but steed with Ginger. The main vegetable, which was in the dishes, was the peppers, which were used in at least twenty ways. For dessert, sweet red beans and Chinese dumplings are also filled with a paste of this variety of beans.

"Even the Pigsy Zhu Baijie, who accompanied the monk Xuanzang on a trip to India, would not have had the advice to eat it," she said with full appreciation for the dishes themselves and their quantities of the elder Aunt Song.


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12 September 2019

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