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Harbin Foundation (excerpts)

Spring began, and with it melted. In many places new pipelines were created, which made the journey even more difficult. The time to travel even short distances has always been lengthed. However, Witold did not pay much attention to weather conditions. (...) Now his only goal was to connect with Adam Szydłowski's expedition and reach the new colony as soon as possible. Thanks to the help of engineer John and the information from Alexei, he managed to determine which will be the movement of Adam Szydłowski expedition. So in March, thanks to the tips, he managed to get to the town of Ułagaj, but stopped there only for overnight. At dawn he set off in the Kie-Rune of Gujjiin. But here he did not entertain long. Other towns that proved to be only short stops were Szeszujcziancy and Lalinchen. It was not until 8th April that he managed to reach Aszyche. In this place he decided to make a longer stopover.


His decision was influenced by a certain event. Well, for overnight you-took one of the courts. Not very large-sized building was located in the vicinity of the Chinese distillery,, Tiandiaszagou ". The Inn recommended him several locals who claimed that the place is willingly chosen by the newcomer, and now there are several Russians stationed there. Pole decided to use the board and to spend. When he arrived at the place, he found that his former good friend had already waited for him. (...)


The next day Adam Szydłowski chose several team members to help him find suitable venues for future officials. Among them were the engineer Jan, Witold and Alexei. (...) It turned out that finding accommodation for officials was close to the miracle. 12 April initially only came across the water-floated terrain and small islands. Among them, only one proved to be inhabited. The rest was covered with yellowed grass. Access to the river itself prevented the flood. So they decided to get to the inhabited island. It turned out that there was quite numerous, because comprising up to a hundred people, a branch of customs guards. The next days of search also did not produce effects. There was a real threat that the railway construction board would have to be in a provisional building or to stay on board. The jittery was not only the engineer Adam Szydłowski, but also the majority of the members of the technical expedition. There were more and more disputes and quarrels, as well as mutual accusations of too little engagement in the search. The bad mood was also granted to Witold, Alexey, the engineer John and Peter, who were exceptionally unable to communicate with each other.


The situation changed only when Adam Szydłowski returned to the Inn with part of the expedition participants. One afternoon to the engineer, he tried to get a resident of the village of Harbin. The abandoned expedition chief was glad, although he did not count too much for the mysterious dude to help him solve the problem. The Chinese, however, assured that it had a very valuable in-formation for the engineer.

"May the Lord listen to me!" insisted.

"I heard about your problems and found the perfect place. You will surely like it. Not far from here is the "Sian Fan", which you call, the Chinese distillate.

– The owner agrees to rent it to us? Szydłowski was surprised.

– For sure! Chunchuzi robbed her and is therefore closed. Now it only Rives and brings the same losses! A Pity! – he noticed practically Mr. Yang.

"How far is it from here?" – asked Szydłowski.

– Hmm... So with eight versts per from the River Sungari. But that's good! As the river is cured, it will damage nothing. And it consists of up to thirty Fanz, in this part was built even from the brick. So it is easy to fit all the administrative buildings and accommodation for officials!

"But it's still more than eight and a half kilometers," Szydłowski has thought.


However, Adam Szydłowski decided to visit the village, "Sian Fan", where this complex was located. He also made every effort to bring the owners as soon as possible, who arrived a few days later from Aszyche. But the negotiations were not the easiest. The owners of Xu and Sun appreciated their good. They claimed that the distillery itself constitutes a considerable wealth, which-it would have enviable a lot of entrepreneur. They indicated that she had passed from generation to generation and intend to give it only in good hands. The engineer Szydłowski assured them that the new owners will surely make every effort not to waste their assets. As an argument, the two owners also reported that the buildings are located in a quiet and picturesque area, noting that if not destruction, the distillery itself would still work to bring about an unbotting profit. They also added that the land on which the buildings were located itself constituted a certain value. After many persuasion and disputes Sun and Xu agreed to resell the entire complex for twelve thousand of Silver Lats, which at the then conversion represented as much as four hundred and fifty three and six tenths of this bulk.


The next day, the first construction work was launched. The distillery itself, unfortunately, has long been behind. Some of the buildings had to be rerepaired as soon as possible. In addition to the Russian workers, several dozen inhabitants of Aszyche were hired to make the time. A part of the equipment and all the materials needed were also kept. The effort, however, paid off, because the destroyed brick buildings from day to day began to regain their former splendour. More than three weeks of intensive work have passed and finally the awaited day has come. On 13th May the Harbin welcomed, "The Holy Innocents" – the first ship with passengers.

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12 September 2019

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