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History of Poland through the eyes of Chinese reformer

Kang Youwei, absorbed by work on the latest work, did not even notice the visitation of the unannounced guest. The forty-year Reforer sought to bring the current situation in the country and ways out of the crisis to the Emperor Guangxu by giving him the historical example of another state. Although he had been interested in history and European politics for many years, he was difficult to find a suitable analogy. But the task itself was not the easiest, because the political realities in the various regions of the world differed considerably. But finally, after a tedious search, he decided to give a story from distant parts of Europe for example.

Friend! So what do you do? – he asked him Dostojnik Zhou.

"I write," Bolan Fenmie ji ". I want to present the history of Poland, as well as describe the causes of the partition, replied the reformer.

"It's a very difficult task," said the husband of Lady Songshu, who knew a bit about the history of the dissenting, but not too much associated, where exactly the state was described.

"And how are you going?" Asked.

"I've written six volumes and I'm in the middle of the seventh!" -Kang Youwei responded with pride.

"The problem itself is quite complex. My disciple Liang Qichao believes that in part for the demolition was the weakness of the rulers in the former Poland, and partly the expansionary politics of its neighbors. A few of my young pupils are admiring the poles for their creation and persuade them to do a similar flood against the Protectorate of foreign powers. However, I am not quite convinced that in analogs I will move up so far. I would pay more attention to the internal problems of the Republic, especially those related to the conservatism of the elites, said Kang Youwei.

"Well, if the conservative elite gathered at the Empress Cixi will prevent any reform, we also find ourselves in a very difficult situation," he was worried by the dignitared Zhou.

"But I would like to make sure my views are fair." That's why I thought to consult them with the poles. They certainly could help us understand certain events and also look at a given story from a completely different perspective. Then I would have been going to get a full picture. But unfortunately, I don't know anyone like that.

– Hmm... My father in law hired a few months ago as a translator of Polish-Witold Sejkowski. Recently, he also helped me in translating. Maybe he gave a few tips? – He wondered Zhou's Dostojnik.

"And you could talk to him?" -Asked Kang Youwei.

"That would certainly help me. Finally, I want to present to the emperor the most objective of the story, although, as my teacher has said, there is no objective historical source. "If only he would agree, I could give you the information I received. Moreover, the young man looks at a resolute and both-him in the human world. And for this is very busy – he praised his employee Zhou Dostojnik.

"He even began to explore the secrets of our language, and although he has lived in Beijing recently, he has learned a lot," he said with appreciation.

"Do you already translate texts into Chinese?" He asked Astonimated Reformation.

"No, until it has not yet mastered the language. But my good friend, a doctor who comes from England, but has lived in China for many years, speaks fluent Chinese. This way, it can translate into our language what it translated from other foreign languages. At the grandfather of Ba reportedly helps him still a colleague, but I do not know exactly who, as well as the younger Aunt Dujuanhua. However, unlike Witold or Walter Smith, my mother-in-law does not know French, Russian, and even more polish.

– Aaa, now I understand everything! Kang Youwei smiled.

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12 September 2019

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