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About us



Katarzyna Michalewicz-author, website moderation and promotion in Social Media


Dr. Małgorzata Jaszczuk-Surma-editorial specialist and book Corrections

Ewa Praża -Specialist in graphic and composition books


The author would like to make special thanks for the support of Prof. Andrzej Małkiewicz  and  Dr. Stefanii Skowron-Markowska.


Krzysztof Staśkiewicz -author of a promotional poster and trailer

Szymoń Mazoń -author of photographs,, Chinese princesses "

Maryna Veremchuk -a specialist in lighting, help in conducting a photographic session, “the Chinese Princesses ".


Wiktoria Paciorek -model playing the main role of Shaoyao

Monika Xiaxia -model playing the role of younger sister Shaoyao-Yulan


Photos for a promotional photo session were held in the Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław.


Costumes from the era rented The Institute of Confucius in the University of Wrocław.


Robert Rybak -author of the photographs: “Emperor’s Treasures ".


Photos of the objects were taken in photo studio FotoŚwit  ul. Ruska 46 Wroclaw www.fotoświt.pl


Exhibits come from a private collection


On the cover of the book will be a picture by Chou Wen-Chu (Zhou Wenju) courtesy of The National Palace Museum in Taiwan.


About the book


The history of forbidden love with the Polish city in China in the background. About this, but not only, is the novel The Secrets of the Wife of Mandarin. The reader will find in it also threads of moral, adventure and even... criminal.


The action of the novel takes place largely in Harbin, a city founded by Poles and Russians in 1898 years. In its initial period, today's multi-million metropolis and the capital of Heilongjiang province, has lived almost 10 thousand members of Polish Diaspora...


The idea of writing a novel provided a small bottle, found five years ago at the antigue market in Wrocław. Made of Jade and silver, decorated with intricate patterns with dragons and phoenix-symbols of marriage, hides a few secrets... The mystery that the reader has gotten through reading the book: "The Secrets of the wife of Mandarin".


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