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Sublime World of Chinese art through the eyes of a child

Advisor Liang led the guests to one of the presentational pavilions, after which he quickly dismissed. As soon as he disappeared from his eyes, the whole family had decided to be a host. They have received a seven spacious rooms, including a bath room, a dining room, a small but richly stocked pantry and a lounge, and even a storage space for various household appliances. The rooms themselves have been richly decorated with precious furniture made of wood wildly growing pine and adorned with numerous silk embroidered pillows and velvet driers. The tables and cabinets have been bent from porcelain vase and other precious bibelots. The walls were adorned with numerous silk hanging scrolls depicting the most common mountain landscapes.


After some time, the owner and the host of the house again came to the guests again. The governor decided to personally guide them after his residence.

"And this is my most precious acquisition: a vertical scroll painted by a painter from Yangzhou himself," the host proudly pointed to the great work. A priceless specimen depiced a tiny temple that grew on the sacred mountain of Taoism Hua Shua. This scroll, as well as most of the remaining ones, went from Yangzhou and Shanghai, which were considered to be the capitals of Chinese artists.

"It looks so true that I feel like I could go there and pray," the elder aunt of the Song blandish by Uncle Liu. Compliment liked him very much, so he decided to show the guests an another masterpiece.

"A priceless monochrome vase," he pointed to one of the tables.

– Why is this vase painted only in blue? The painter has run out of paints? – Suddenly asked a little Chen. The governor of Liu was blacked. Parents curious boy also.

"Our Chen is just as curious about the world as Younker Wang, right?" – She rescued the situation of Elder Aunt Song. I think that from your son he will surely learn a lot, and maybe even Cheng became his disciple. Of course if he will be polite! Added.


Uncle Liu graciously agreed with elder Aunt Song and returned to show his treasures. And it was evident that it was very cared for the décor of a ancestral mansion, which in no way resolved the seats of other provincial governors.


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12 September 2019

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